Micropigmentation Services

Permanent makeup services are offered by Clarice MacDonald                  under medical supervision of  Dr Joseph Russo M.D., F.A.C.S.  Clarice is a Licensed Aesthetician with over 20 years of experience in makeup application, color theory and brow shaping. She was trained in permanent make-up machine method techniques and the hand method of microblading in 2015 by Terry Lively in SanAntonio Texas. She holds a Medical Assisting degree and is trained in CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens. She also holds advanced training certificates in Color Theory for Permanent Cosmetics, powder style brows from Teryn Darling, machine method hairstroked from Mary richardson, microblading from Tina Davies, and areola work from Pam Winnie.  
All equipment used is state of the art with disposable cartridge needles. Microblades used are 100% disposable including the hand piece and the pigments we use are the best quality available, made in the USA. 

 A 10% discount is given for cash payments. Discounts & special offers may NOT be combined. 

Micropigmentation Consultation  $75
A consultation is NOT required since the brows will need to be drawn out just before doing them anyhow. It is available for those that are not sure if they want to have their brows done and need to see the shape before hand to help them make their decision. 

Brows     $500 

Microblading is an advanced brow embroidery technique whereby the tecnician uses a hand tool with a superfine row of needles to create thin, hair like marks on the skin, which last up to 18 months. It is ideal for creating a very full and realistic looking brow.  Hairstrokes can also be done with a machine method. ***You are NOT a candidate for microblading OR machine hairstrokes if you have oily skin, a rough textured skin in the brow area, or any scar tissue. You may not be a candidate if you have had previous permanent makeup work done. 

If you love the look of wearing brow powder on your brows than you can opt for a soft powdered effect. This is done with the machine with a diluted pigment, so the effects are long lasting.

If a solid colored brow is desired, straight pigment can be implanted into the skin. This look is best for covering up old work or for people that like to use a brow pencil every day.

Brow Touch Up $100
One touch up appointment may be required 6-8 weeks after initial appointment to complete brow work. 
*One touch up is included with brow appointments done by Vanessa.

Second Touch Up Appointment   $75
Occasionally a person may want a second touch touch up to complete their work. If it is less than 4 months from the date of your original appointment and you would like a second touch up, there will just be a $75 tray set up charge to cover the cost of supplies.

Brow Appointment 3-5 Months $250
(If no prior touch up appointment and would like it now)

Brow Appointment 6 Months & Up: New Appointment $500
     Less $100 customer loyalty discount for returning customers price will be $400. If it has been six months or more from the date of your first eyebrow micropigmentation appointment please schedule a new brow appointment. It is suggested that you wait one year from the time of your last appointment if possible to allow the skin sufficient time to heal between appointments.  

Hairstrokes Over Powder Fill  $250
For clients desiring the look of hair strokes with a shaded background. This special price is available to clients that have had their original work recently done at Blink Salon only and must be done 8-12 weeks after original appointment before any fading of the shape has happened..

Powder Fill Over Hairstrokes $250
For clients that need a powder fill to cover over old or faded hair strokes. This special price is available to clients that have had their original work done recently at Blink Salon only and must be done 8-12 weeks after the original appointment before any fading of the shape has happened.

Corrective Eyebrow Work
Pricing for corrective work and saline removal is $500 for the initial appointment then $100 for each subsequent appointment. Please send a picture of your current eyebrows prior to scheduling the appointment for approval to clarice@blinksalonandspa.com.

Lip Liner      $400
As we age our lips loose their color making them look smaller. Line your lips to restore their youthful appearance in a natural color, or go slightly darker than your own and always look freshly made up. 

Full Lip Color, With Liner      $650
Can be done in the same shade or lined darker with a lighter fill color. 
*One touch up appointment 8-10 weeks later is included.

Top Eyeliner     $450
Choose a thin line or thick line, wing it if you like. Can be soft and natural or bold and dramatic. Includes lash enhancement. 
*One touchup appointment 6-8 weeks later is included.

Bottom Eyeliner   $350
Bottom eyeliner is done below the bottom lashes.
*One touchup appointment 6-8 weeks later is included.

Top and Bottom Eyeliner    $550
Includes top liner, a lash enhancement and bottom liner at a discounted price when done in the same appointment.
*One touchup appointment 6-8 weeks later is included.

*Eyeliner appointments will NOT be done with lash extensions on or if you have used a lash growth product in the 2 months prior. 

Beauty Mark   $125
Ever wanted a beauty mark? Now you can have one wherever you want! Free with any liner service. 

Areola Pigmentation  $500 (suggested price)
For breast cancer survivors, this work may be done on a sliding payment scale if you can not afford to pay the whole price. You may be able to be reimbursed from your medical insurance company for this service as well. 

* Prices subject to change. Discounts and special offers may not be combined. Complementary touch up appointments missed or late cancelled (please allow 48 hours) will be forfeited.