Vanessa Valido

My name is Vanessa Valido. I'm a Permanent Makeup Artist out of Blink! Salon and Spa.
A little about myself, I work directly under Master artist and owner of Blink, Clarice MacDonald. I've had the pleasure of apprenticing with her for about nine months now. In November I began studying PMU and started practicing my drawing of brows. It wasn't until I successfully drew my 100th brow was i allowed to fly out to Texas to further my training. I’ve completed 150 hours of fundamental training in permanent makeup, I've taken and passed Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, I'm CPR and first aid certified, and have been trained in preventative measures for blood-borne pathogens.  

 ✅150 hour fundamental permanent makeup training 

 ✅Anatomy & Physiology 1&2
 ✅CPR certified
 ✅First Aid certified
 ✅Bloodborne Pathogens certified
 ✅Medically supervised by Dr. Joseph Russo & Staff
 ✅Apprentice under Master Artist, Clarice MacDonald of Blink! Salon and Spa