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Areola Pigmentation


Suggested price listed

For breast cancer survivors, price may change on a sliding scale.

You may be able to be reimbursed from your medical insurance company

for this procedure.

Please contact us to discuss pricing if this applies to you.

Beauty Mark


If you've ever wanted a beauty mole, often referred to as a "beauty mark," now you can have one placed anywhere you'd like. Receive beauty mark free of charge when you book any liner service!

Corrective Work &

Removal Treatments


  • Permanent makeup correction and saline lightening removal

  • Microblading removal or lightening treatments

  • $300 appointment.

  • Please schedule removal and lightening treatment work with Clarice, shape and color correction work with Clarice or Vanessa.

Questions can be emailed directly to

A 10% discount is given for cash payments. Discounts & special offers may NOT be combined.


​Prices subject to change. Complementary touch up appointments missed or cancelled without 48 hour notice will be forfeited. 


Permanent cosmetics services are by appointment only. Please book online or call (781) 558-5166 to schedule!

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