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Wake Up in Your Makeup!

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Lip Liner


  • As we age our lips loose their color, making them look smaller. Line your lips to restore their youthful appearance in a natural color, or go slightly darker than your own and always look freshly made up. 

Lipstick or Lip Blush


  • Can be done in the same shade or lined darker with a lighter fill color. 

  • One touch up appointment booked 8-10 weeks later is included.

Questions can be emailed directly to


A 10% discount is given for cash payments. Discounts & special offers may NOT be combined.


​Prices subject to change. Complementary touch up appointments missed or cancelled without 48 hour notice will be forfeited. 


Permanent cosmetics services are by appointment only. Please book online or call (781) 558-5166 to schedule!

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