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Microblading & Permanent Makeup Frequently Asked Questions

Procedure and Aftercare


What is the difference between microblading, a powder filled brow and an Ombre brow?

    Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigment into the skin with a hand tool. Each stroke is made by dipping the tool into the pigment and etching it into the skin in the pattern of hairstorkes.

     A powder filled brow is done with a machine made for micropigmentation with pigment that has been diluted to create the effect of having a soft brow powder behind the brows when it heals.

     An ombre brow is also done with a micropigmentation machine. It is a pixilated powder brow that fades from light to dark.



Which method is right for me?

    We will show you pictures at your appointment and help you figure out what the best style brow for you will be. If you have seen pictures of brows you love feel free to bring them with you so we can see what you have in mind. Come to your appointment with your makeup on as you wear it daily so we can get a good idea of what your comfort level is. Your new brows will be drawn on and approved of by you before they are actually done.



Does it hurt?

    Very little, topical anesthetics are applied to keep you comfortable. 


How long does it take?

    Appointments are scheduled for two hours, with most of the time spent on drawing the brows to a perfect shape and allowing the numbing cream to sit.


How long does microblading/powder brows last for?

    There are lots of factors that will effect the longevity of your newly tattooed brows. Age, skin type and home care. In general the drier your skin is and older you are, the longer your micro bladed brows will last. You will want to avoid rapid exfoliators such as glycolic acids and retinols over the brows as they will fade out your pigment. Daily spf is also recommended to prevent fading from the sun. Microblading IS considered a tattoo by the SPCP and one should be comfortable with the possibility of there always being some remnant of pigment in the skin should that happen to be the case for your particular skin. For more information on microblading please visit



I have had previous permanent makeup, can I microblade over it?

      Only if it is EXTREMELY faded and pretty much gone. You can however have a powder style. If you have previously done brows please send a clear picture of your brows to before scheduling an appointment.



Am I allowed to choose the color and shape of my brows or eyeliner?

    Absolutely! Plenty of time is allowed before each appointment for choosing a color and drawing the shape to perfection. You must love the shape we have created together before any pigment is implanted into the skin. If you don't love the drawing we don't have to do them!



Is a consultation required?

   No. Two hours are allowed for your appointment to give sufficient time to draw out the shape and choose a color you are comfortable with. Drawing them at a separate time during a consultation is not necessary since it will still have to be done at the time of the appointment anyhow. We work right on top of the drawing so you have a good idea of how they will look when done, before they are done. Additional questions not answered here can be emailed or iMessaged to


Will I need a touch up appointment?

    Not necessarily. Results will depend upon your skin type and how diligently you follow your aftercare instructions, however it is not uncommon to need a touchup to perfect your work. Touchups are done 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment.


Can I have permanent makeup if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

    No. Please wait until after you have given birth to have any tattooing or permanent cosmetics. Even though the pigments are considered safe, testing on their safety for use during pregnancy has not been done and therefore it is suggested that you wait until you are not pregnant or breastfeeding.


Is the pigment safe?

    Yes. All of the pigments we use are made in the USA. We carry three complete color lines so we can make the best choice possible for every skin type.


Is a new needle used for each client?

     Yes.  All needle cartridges, needles and tubes, and microblades, (including the handle of the microblade tool) are disposable to prevent any chance of cross contamination. 



Can you fix my old permanent makeup?

     Most likely old work can be worked over. If it is to saturated to be worked over we offer saline lightening treatments, and can usually lighten the old work enough to be able to work over it.  Please send a picture to clarice@blinksalonandspa.combefore scheduling an appointment.



Is there anything special I need to do prior to my appointment?

    Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages or fish oil supplements for 48 hours before your appointment. Do not take any Ibuprofen or Asprin for 48 hours if you can help it. (do NOT stop taking prescription medications or over the counter recommended by your physician) Tylenol is fine it does not thin the blood.




Does my new permanent makeup require any special care?

    Yes, we will give you aftercare information and ointment to use after your appointment. Plan on being able to keep the area clean and dry for one week.



Who may not be a candidate for permanent makeup?

    Anyone with a heart condition, taking blood thinners on a daily basis, and persons having poor healing or medical conditions that cause poor healing such as untreated diabetes, autoimmune disorders, those with implants that require pretreatment with an antibiotic for dental services, or undergoing chemotherapy may not be considered good candidates for permanent cosmetics and we would request a written letter from your doctor approving you to receive a cosmetic tattoo. Please call us for more info if you have any of the above listed conditions.


*Pregnant or nursing women may NOT receive micropigmentation services under any circumstances. 



Clarice MacDonald

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