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For years I waxed and tinted people’s eyebrows and performed eyelash extensions. I witnessed the difference it makes to a person that has very little hair if you darken it, and the difference it makes to someone with hardly any lashes if you extend them. The problem was, though, it’s a never ending battle for some that is impossible to win. Brow tints only last a week or two. Eyelash extensions need to be filled every couple of weeks. So naturally when I found out permanent makeup was now legal in my state, I knew I had to learn it! There weren’t many options for training so I flew to Texas to take my fundamental permanent makeup training. I knew the second I stepped in that room this was for me, for the rest of my life! I love makeup. I love tattoos. I love helping women to feel more confident and beautiful about themselves. And now I could put all three of those things together??? I can not even tell you how excited I was to be there embarking on this new part of my career. I even knew that day that I was meant to teach this to others. I’ve spent my whole life wondering what my purpose is, feeling like I just know there is something more I am meant to do with my life and I knew that day that this was it!


With permanent cosmetics, you can really make a difference! You can really help a person that has lost their brows, lashes and even nipples to feel whole again. Just scroll through some of our reviews any you will see how deeply this impacts some peoples lives.


I truly feel I have been blessed with this career and believe I should pass that on. What could be better than taking control of your own financial situation, changing your and your family’s life while making a positive change in the life of every client you touch? Let me tell you life is very different when you love your job!


With that all said, I will also say what I repeat to my children all the time: nothing worth it is easy. This is not an easy two day class meant to take your money and leave you ill prepared. This class will require you to prepare ahead of time, to push yourself if you truly want to get good, to practice until you are good, and to learn so much your head will spin. I can only show you how to do the work, YOU will have to practice until you are skilled at it.


This is a full fundamental permanent makeup class with all of the prerequisites just about any health department could possibly want for you to be allowed to work. Why? Why does this class require all these things but some others don’t? My simple answer to that is because you SHOULD know the skin if you want to cut into it. You owe that to the client that is placing their face in your hands. There is no room for error with this career, if you make a mistake you quite possibly ruin someone's face. I see people working recklessly all the time and it makes me cringe. I want no part of that. The industry is booming right now and many people just see dollar signs and don’t care about providing quality services. My goal is to teach you how to do this correctly, with integrity. Anyone learning how to do this from me must also hold the same high level of ethics and standard of care for people that I do. You must value education and truly WANT to learn everything you possibly can about this. You must be willing to do the work involved to get there.

Fundamental Permanent Makeup Training ............. $5,000
6 full days (100 hour) fundamental permanent makeup brow class, machine method & microblading
2 days hands on powder & ombré brows
2 days hands on microblading
*optional 2 days eyeliner w model ......... $1,800
*optional 1 day lips w model ..................... $800


*Email for class application 


Course Description

In This Course You Will Learn:

~The different methods of permanent makeup

~Microblading and Microshading

~Machine Method of Micropigmentation. Full Coverage Powder Style Brows & Ombre Style Brows

~Legal Forms & Client Documents Needed to Run a Permanent Cosmetics Practice

~Color Theory, Skin Undertones & Skin Types

~Proper Treatment Room Set Up & Breakdown

~How to Shape Eyebrows

~How to Take Good Pictures of Your Work & Build a Portfolio

~3 Days of Working on Live Models (If prerequisites have not been met & temporary license not obtained from the Saugus Health Department, you will not be allowed to work on models)

Included with your class:

~3 Certificates of Completion

     Microblading & Microshading

     OmbreStyle  Brows 

     Powder Style Brows


~Practice Mannequin Head & Practice Skins

~Permanent Makeup Machine & Needles

~Microblades & Shading Tools

~Pigment Starter Kit

~Numbing Agents

~Brow Measuring & Shaping Tools


  • Anatomy & Physiology I & II, (online class is acceptable by the Saugus, MA health department to obtain a temporary license, however check with YOUR local health department to see if an online class is acceptable to them)

  • Bloodborne pathogens class

  • CPR

  • First Aid

  • Read all textbooks that will be sent to you after your deposit is made

  • Read 'The Brow Book'

  • Watch Video on how to draw eyebrows (will be sent to you after your deposit is made)

  • Draw 45 pairs of eyebrows, as many as possible on a person sitting upright and take clear pictures from the front and the sides. 15 should be of a hair stroke style brow, 15 of a powder style brow, 15 of an Ombre brow style. Bring drawings & pictures of drawing with you to class.

*Text books and drawing tools will be sent to you when your deposit is paid. The deposit will hold your spot in the class. The deposit covers the cost of your supplies and is NOT refundable once made.

*It is solely your responsibility to inquire with the health department in the state/town you live in to find out what prerequisites are required to obtain a license to be able to work there. Your town may require more or less training than this. There will be NO refunds if you find you are not able to work in your town based on the training you have had, so please be sure to get the information you need before registering for the class. The above prerequisites are what is required by the Town of Saugus to be able to perform permanent cosmetics for the class. I am aware it is a lot. It is a lot more than what some of the surrounding towns require, however it is my strong feeling that this is the minimum training a person should have before taking a needle to another person's face and my goal is for you to leave this class prepared to do that. These prerequisites will likely satisfy most jurisdictions, however some may still require you to have an apprenticeship or to work supervised for your first two years. Find out. 

Apprenticeships are available at an additional cost to our students only.


*It is your responsibility to complete these tasks, then mail a copy of the certificates with the application to the Town of Saugus Health Department to obtain your temporary license. Failure to do this in sufficient time will mean you will not be allowed to work on models during the class. You can still participate in the class, but you will not be allowed to tattoo anyone. It is highly recommended that you do this at least two weeks prior to the start of class and obtain the temporary license to get the full benefit of the class. The hands on work is EXTREMELY important and a huge benefit of taking your training with us at Blink. 


Important links & more information: 


Saugus Health Department

Clarice’s Facebook page:


Online class:

Anatomy & Physiology $90 


Online class:

The Integumentry System $19.99


Online class:

Bloodborne Pathogens for Body Art $30

  (Or any other specifically for body art)


CPR class:


First Aid class:


So you are thinking about a career in permanent makeup? You’ve come to the right place! My name is Clarice MacDonald. I am the owner of Blink Ink Permanent Cosmetics in Saugus, Massachusetts and Blink Salon and Spa in Wakefield, Massachusetts. My love for the beauty industry started 25 years ago at just 19 years old when I attended the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics. I love the beauty industry, especially skin care and makeup. I have always had a strong preference for doing the special kind of skin care that really makes a difference, taking a person's skin and completely turning it around and changing it for the better. I love a challenge and love to use my knowledge to help people to feel better about themselves!

Upcoming Classes:

December 1-6 $5,000: 10:00-6:00pm Fundamentals of Permanent Cosmetics

December 8 & 9 $1,200: 11:00-6:00pm Classic Eyelash Extensions

        (must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist)

December 15 & 16 $1,200: 11:00-6:00pm Volume Lash Extensions

        (must be proficient in classic lash extension application)

January 5,6,12,13,19,20 $5,000: 10:00-6:00 Fundamentals of Permanent Cosmetics

February 16 & 17 $1,800: 11:00-6:00 Eyeliner Tattooing Class

March 15,16,22,23,29,30 $5,000: 10:00-6:00 Fundamentals of Permanent Cosmetics


April 12,13,19,20,16,27 $5,000: 10:00-6:00 Fundamentals of Permanent Cosmetics

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