So you are thinking about a career in permanent makeup or lash extensions? You’ve come to the right place! My name is Clarice MacDonald. I am the owner of Blink Ink Permanent Cosmetics in Saugus, Massachusetts and Blink Salon and Spa in Wakefield, Massachusetts. My love for the beauty industry started 25 years ago at just 19 years old when I attended the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics. I love the beauty industry, especially skin care and makeup. I have always had a strong preference for doing the kind of services that really make a difference, taking a person's skin and completely turning it around and changing it for the better. a full set of lash extensions that wakes up a persons face and makes them feel like a million bucks. I love a challenge and love to use my knowledge to help people to feel better about themselves!

For years I waxed and tinted people’s eyebrows and performed eyelash extensions. I witnessed the difference it makes to a person that has very little hair if you darken it, and the difference it makes for someone with hardly any lashes if you extend them. The confidence a full set of lashes can give to a woman is heartwarming. The problem was, though, it’s a never ending battle for some that is impossible to win. Brow tints only last a few weeks. Eyelash extensions need to be filled every couple of weeks. So naturally when I found out permanent makeup was now legal in my state, I knew I had to learn it! There weren’t many options for training so I flew to Texas to take my fundamental permanent makeup and microblading training. I knew the second I stepped in that room this was for me, for the rest of my life! I love makeup. I love tattoos. I love helping women to feel more confident and beautiful about themselves. And now I could put all three of those things together??? I can not even tell you how excited I was to be there embarking on this new part of my career. I even knew that day that I was meant to teach this to others. I’ve spent my whole life wondering what my purpose is, feeling like I just know there is something more I am meant to do with my life and I knew that day that this was it!


With permanent cosmetics, you can really make a difference! You can really help a person that has lost their brows, lashes and even nipples to feel whole again. Just scroll through some of our reviews any you will see how deeply this impacts some peoples lives.


I truly feel I have been blessed with this career and believe I should pass that on. What could be better than taking control of your own financial situation, changing your and your family’s life while making a positive change in the life of every client you touch? Let me tell you life is very different when you love your job!


With that all said, I will also say what I repeat to my children all the time: nothing worth it is easy. My permanent makeup class is not an easy two day class meant to take your money and leave you ill prepared. Getting good at permanent makeup and lash extensions requires a lot of patience and practice.  I can only show you how to do the work, YOU will have to practice until you are skilled at it. Are you up for the challenge?


Information Coming Soon! For details please contact Clarice at clarice@blinksalonandspa.com or via our Contact Form.

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